Farming Evolved

Our Story

We founded Traders Hill Farm in 2013, with a mission to create a truly sustainable food production enterprise. Utilizing aquaponics with the highest standards of food safety, we set out to produce foods that grew faster, tasted better, stayed fresh longer, and wasted nothing. We quickly became a standard bearer for cleaner, safer lettuce, specialty produce, and seafood, and today we are the largest environmentally-safe aquaponics facility in the Southeastern United States. Our aim is nothing less than to inspire a generation of better farming, and a cleaner, safer way of eating.

Aquaponics Sustainability

Our aquaponics process combines aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (growing plants in water without soil) to cultivate and harvest year-round in a controlled zero-waste environment that eliminates the need for pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. It is a self-contained renewable ecosystem that uses less than 10% of the water and less than 60% of the land needed by conventional farming to deliver organically grown, sustainably harvested produce and seafood that stays fresh longer and tastes better.

Food Safety

We place an absolute and uncompromising importance on food safety. Our customers rely on us to provide safe and clean food, and to that end, we practice rigorous food-safety protocols and participate in ongoing training.  Having fully embraced the FDA's Food Safety Modernization Act, we are proud to be the only aquaponics farm in the United States to achieve SQF Level 3 certification, exceeding the food safety standards of both our distributors and the US Department of Agriculture.

A Farm-to-Table Family

From the start, we have worked hard to nurture a close, family-like team dedicated to a better way of farming, with the daily goal of harvesting foods at sunrise to be served on the family table by sunset. This old-world commitment has carried over to our vendors, our suppliers, and especially our customers. Our products are now in grocery stores, restaurants, and resorts throughout Northeast Florida, Central Florida and Southern Georgia, and as our success and reputation continues to flourish, we remain a family committed to the right way of farming.