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Our 7 Core Values

At Traders Hill Farm, we work hard to make sure all our produce continues to be the best tasting and safest in the Southeast. As a team, we are fully committed to our company’s mission to create opportunities by growing safe, high-quality food year-round while reducing environmental impact. Our strength is rooted in a shared sense of purpose, engaging work, committed leaders and delighted customers.

We chose these values with great care, and they drive our mission every day.

Core Value 1

Live Safety

Safety begins and ends with each Traders Hill Farm employee.

We take personal responsibility for the safety of ourselves and those around us, both at work and at home. We are mindful that our customers trust us first and foremost to provide safe and clean food. Each team member takes our safety commitment very seriously by following rigorous food-safety protocols.

Core Value 2

Delight Our Customers

Customers are the lifeblood of our business.

Every Traders Hill Farm team member is an ambassador for our brand. We continually strive to exceed customers' expectations by offering high-quality products coupled with exceptional customer service. We actively engage with our customers and listen carefully to their feedback.

As such, we treat all customers with the same courtesy and care as a guest in our own home.

Core Value 3

Develop People

We recognize that our team is an indispensable asset and a significant driver of our company’s performance and growth.

We encourage and challenge our people with assignments that expand their skill sets and realize their full potential. With such support and guidance, each team member is responsible for their professional development path and contributing to the success of our enterprise. We readily recognize our employees for a job well done.

Core Value 4

Deliver on Promises

We take pride in our high standards.

Personal integrity is respected and valued at Traders Hill Farm and is the underpinning of good moral character. We endeavor to always be true to our customers, company, coworkers and friends & family.

Core Value 5

Committed to Sustainability

We continually strive to do more with less.

It is our responsibility to create a fiscally stable and environmentally sustainable agribusiness.

In conjunction with managing financial risk, we endeavor to reduce our company’s ecological footprint and serve as better stewards for the environment that serves us all.

Core Value 6

Work with Urgency and Purpose

We have one team and one goal.

Each team member brings their best self to work every day as every job is integral to our vision to become the recognized leader in commercial aquaponics farming. We work with urgency and purpose to provide safe, high quality, nutritious and flavorful food, which is a great responsibility and of significant importance to our community.

Core Value 7

Embrace our Farm Family

Together, we all achieve more.

We are a family. We work in a fun, positive environment where we care about our relationships with our coworkers. We consciously endeavor to respect each other’s differences, listen intently with an open mind, and support our team members.

Our products are in the finest grocery stores, restaurants, and resorts throughout Northeast Florida, Central Florida and Southern Georgia regions. We invite you to join our ever-growing family.
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Traders Hill Farm is a sustainable aquaponics agribusiness that creates opportunities by growing safe, high quality food year-round while reducing environmental impact.


The industry's highest rating for food safety.

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