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Meet our Family

Family comes in many forms – those we are born into and those we create for ourselves. Since 2013, we have worked hard to nurture a close, family-like team here on the farm. We believe our commitment to each other carries over to our dedication to our extended farm family – vendors, suppliers, and most importantly, our customers.

We lead life on the farm by following core values

Live Safety

Committed to Sustainability

Encourage Innovation

Customer Centric

Develop People

Embrace Our Farm Family

What We Do


In 2013, Traders Hill Farm responded to a demand for local, high-quality produce grown safely and sustainably.

We chose aquaponics because it is one of the safest farming methods.

It allows us to grow year-round, plant more per square foot, and use less than 10 percent of water compared to traditional ground farming.

Our greens grow faster, have a longer shelf-life, and taste better than traditionally grown produce.

Often our produce is picked at sunrise and served on family dinner plates by sunset.

Just as the farm-to-table movement has grown, so too has our farm.

What began in 2013 as a demonstration facility has expanded to over 54,000 square feet to become the largest controlled-environment agriculture operator in Northeast Florida.

Meet your Sales Team

Marcia Douglas & Rachel Clark

Marcia Douglas

Director of New Business Development

Marcia Petty photo farm
rachel and nina
Rachel Clark

Director of Marketing & Customer Service

Our products are in the finest grocery stores, restaurants, and resorts throughout Northeast Florida, Central Florida and Southern Georgia regions. We invite you to join our ever-growing family.
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Traders Hill Farm is a sustainable aquaponics agribusiness that creates opportunities by growing safe, high quality food year-round while reducing environmental impact.


The industry's highest rating for food safety.

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